Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What is Artful Healing?

Within this blog I will display examples of my art and poetry and share with you the process of inspiration that occurred during their creative process. I will sometimes discuss symbolic meanings of some of their design components. From time to time, I will include comments about artistic techniques, reviews of resource materials that might assist you in your own inspirational process, interviews with people whose presence has assisted me in my own artful healing process and announcements regarding offerings of classes and services that might benefit you.

With that being said...what is your perception...is art just visual..an object of beauty..or can it truly heal? Any artistic image that you display in your personal space has an energy that either elevates your energy in a positive way or creates a negative or displeasing emotion within you. This reaction occurs not only by your response to the subject matter of the item, but also by the combination of the colors and symbols used in it. Everything that forms its composition also creates its overall energy that will. in turn, impact upon your overall energy.

Our brains, like the memory chips in computers, store massive amounts of information related to the symbolism of everything. Each of has, at some time, no doubt said the phrase, "I don't know why, but that touched me very deeply." We truly may not be consciously aware of why we respond to something, but our brains do and they transmit this information to all the cells of our bodies.

Art that is healing creates a sense of awareness regarding yourself. It may create a more expanded awareness of the world around you, or a recognition of a palpable shift in your energy or in one of your belief systems. It may, in some way, validate the truth of who you are on a very deep level. The shift may be perceived by you as subtle or profound. The shift may occur in an unexplainable manner that becomes noticeable after having viewed a particular piece of art many times over a span of several weeks or months.

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Cheryl A Finley: said...

Dear Kate,
Thank you for your insights on Artful Healing. You've certainly opened my eyes, shedding light on how and why we respond to art and even our own creative process. Beautifully said.

In apprciation...