Monday, September 8, 2008

Gifts of the Ancestors

This weekend I attended a workshop that focused upon the Hawaiian perception of our ancestors and how we are connected to them. I will give you the link to this, along with information on the facilitator, in a later post. It is a powerful feeling to really grasp the magnanimity of the infinite mass of ancestral wisdom and strength that stands behind us, reaching out toward us in love and sharing their gifts through us. Two months ago, I created the mandala shown above that reflects this connection and also reflects the words of the poem below that I was inspired to write after I came home from the workshop. Ironically, I remembered the mandala after I had written the poem and was struck by how it truly was a pictorial of the words. Synchronicity.

The sun smiles
and the moon beams
throughout infinite
cycles of life
shining through the stars
of our bones …
revealing ancestral bridges
paved In love
that applauds us.
holy blessings.
gifts of light.
we are the substance
of our ancestors
and they…
ever after…are us.

Kate Jobe 9/8/2008

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Cheryl A Finley: said...

This mandala and poem are a beautiful sight for my eyes..and heart to see. And that workshop sounds likee wonderful soul food.