Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harvest Moon

The recent full moon was the "Harvest Moon", as well as a Pisces moon, and although I didn't know it when I created this mandala, on Saturday the astrological energies of mercury and the Sun merged, creating an auspicious moment that added transmutation to the gifts of this moon.

The creation of the art was intuitive, and yet it reflects the serendipitous message of transmutation. The snake, a symbol of transmutation, symbolized by the golden spiral, sheds its old skin to reveal a new one. When we shed our old skins, and welcome new ways of being into our consciousness, we are able to harvest gifts that we had previously been unable to receive.

We refrain from fully expressing the beauty of what we have to offer the world because we are afraid. Afraid of of being hurt; Afraid of being rejected; Afraid of not being good enough; Afraid of being judged by others. We refrain from fully expressing ourselves because we have allowed our vulnerabilities to become more significant than our strengths. Pisces, represented by the fish, reminds us that balancing the ability to be vulnerable enough to share ourselves with others, while at the same time, setting healthy boundaries, allows us to swim deeper into the bounty of life.

Staying centered in the expansive protection of spirit, represented by the central motif of the cluster of seven dodecahedron's, allows us to remain in the flow of life. With spirit as our guide, we can release ownership of trying to control our lives and of being directed by the complex navigation whispered to us by our egos. We harvest love when we give love and when we allow ourselves to be loved, whether it is given or received in the form of relationships, financial abundance, creative expression or appreciation for our lives and the world in which we live.


Sue O'Kieffe said...

Kate, your most inspired art never ceases to leave me breathless....thank you for creating art that evokes that response in me!

Kate Jobe said...

Sue...I am deeply honored..and most happy to pass that gift from spirit...through you....Kate

Doe Grozs Art said...

Kate, besides looking at your wonderful mandalas, it's always a pleasure to read your words of wisdom.
These words have resonated with me this past week - "our vulnerabilites to become more significant than our strengths" and have learned, when I am centered on love, my vulerabilities can be my strength because I learn and grow from them.
Thank you for this thought-provoking post.

Cheryl A Finley: said...

All of your work is amazing, beauitufl and inspired. It does my heart and soul good; and wow..thank you for the message that we harvest self-love when we give love, allow ourselves to receive love whether it's by people or creative expression, etc. I needed that and will have your words with me as companion for as long as it takes. You've hit on something I was in search of - thank you, Angel-Kate.
sending much love to you

ptg said...

Kate, you are truly a rare seer. Rarer yet, you have a gift for communicating your vision that benefits those who listen. I'm blessed to have made your acquaintance

I look forward to meeting you some day. Without your spiritual inspiration, I might noalsemst have anything more to 'look forward to' in this world today. Thanks!

ptg said...

I meant to type: "I might not have anything more to 'look forward to' in this world today." It is late and my typing is shaky!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate, your art has become the vehicle for sharing your wisdom and healing gifts. You continue to inspire all those touched by your creative spirit.
Jean Marie Christmas Cactus

Kate Jobe said...

ptg and Jean Marie Christmas Cactus (Coyote and Bear Sister) :)...I am deeply honored by the depth (sp...this may be a word that I made up...all the better :}! ) of your words and by your appreciation for the work I have been inspired to create. It comes through me to reach out to you and to others who see it. P.T. I continue to pray for your complete recovery and send you light. Let the Bear envelope you in her arms and nurture you.