Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breaking Through

"Breaking Through"
Digital Mandala by Kate Jobe 1/30/10
There comes a time...or each of our lives when things just have to change. The dynamics of our lives have either become stale...or unbearable...or no longer resonate with truth within our souls. Those dynamics, regardless of what they are and who they may involve, feel like they are pushing us forward with the force of a freight train, closer and closer, to the boundaries of our comfort zone. Some of us may wait at the edge of the boundaries, peering out to see what lies beyond, hopeful that it is something that we like, but hesitating to fully step through to the other side for fear that what we see is an illusion, or that what lies on the side of familiarity might change in a month...or a year...or maybe five? Is the grass really greener on the other side, we the sky really as blue as it seems over there?...and, after all, change requires us to re-negotiate some paradigm contracts with ourselves and you know how hard it can be to live inside this place we call our Self when we introduce a change into our plans...
...and then one day, while we are mulling over all these details, bantering with ourselves about this and that, something happens that makes not breaking through to the other side impossible. It just opening appears before our eyes where we had not seen it before...we find a key that was previously hidden...or our comfort zone shifts from comfort into abrasiveness and we grasp the opening we have found and pull it away..and we don't stop until the doorway to this new way of being is fully accessible for us to walk through it. We discover that while the grass isn't necessarily greener on this side, everything appears more vibrant and alive to us in this paradigm...we inhale its newness and marvel at why breaking through took us so long...and up ahead..far in the distance...we see another doorway...that will some day open into another space of change...and we hope that we enjoy the journey it takes to get there and that by the time we arrive, we won't forget that there are some doorways that we have to walk through, because avoiding them is more painful and exhausting than walking into what waits in the space beyond them.