Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Essence of Details

The Japanese Geisha Moth shown above, is a large embroidered motif I created for the back of the silk Georgette kimono serape shown on the right. This garment was created for Opera Omaha's spring 2006 benefit auction that correlated with their production of Madama Butterfly. The exquisite sets and costumes for this opera were designed by artist Jun Kaneko and I wanted to honor my appreciation for his artistic excellence through the authenticity of the details of this garment. Based upon a serape style, it combined eastern and western styles, reflecting the lead character's beauty and angst. Butterfly, a geisha, desperately wanted to marry an American sailor with whom she had fallen in love, and to then move to America and merge with the western culture.

Although I do not usually invest this much time in creating a garment, over 100 hours were spent researching Japanese motifs and the story of this opera; hand dying the fabrics; carving linoleum block stamps; strategically block printing the motifs to create a more Western design influence in the front and an Eastern one on the back; embroidering the 8"x5" moth motif with delicate silk and metallic threads and sewing on tiny beads. Each stitch that I put into this project was a process of a mindful meditation. It created peace and happiness within me as I created it. Whatever we do with love radiates with the energy of love. Whatever beauty we create with a mindful intent shines that much brighter with a positive quality. Small details, although perhaps not always seen, will always be present in the overall essence of what we do.
Moths and butterflies symboliize transformation. As we enter Autumn, we are entering the time on the Medicine Wheel to go within and seek answers. We are preparing for spiritual hibernation and, like the butterfly, to cocoon some facet of ourselves. What thoughts and behaviors of yours are needing to be cocooned with love and given adequate time for their details to gestate and be changed into a new form that can take wings and fly?

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