Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Magic of Innocence

The little girls in this mixed media drawing are two of my five grandchildren. The art, itself, was created by me a few years ago for a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation The intent of the art was to portray that all things are possible...wishes and dreams can come true when they are sent out into the universe with a loving intent that is as strong and pure as the innocence of a child.

I include this art with this post because today is the 7th birthday of the granddaughter portrayed on the right. Her wisdom, sweetness and generosity of spirit sometimes overwhelm me. Among the presents that she received today were three play make-up kits, each given to her by different individuals. Rather than comment that the gifts were duplicate ones, she responded with thrilled appreciation as she opened each one and then, later, gifted two of them to two of her cousins.

One beautiful autumn afternoon five years ago, when she was staying with me, and the day was unfolding with complications, she took my hand and indicated that she wanted to go outside. We walked, hand in hand, and she led me to an area under a tree, where the sunlight flickered through the branches. She said she wanted us to lay on the ground, which was blanketed by crisp autumn leaves. We lay on the leaves, breathed in their scent and watched streams of leaves blow past us in dips and whirls. The sky, viewed through the tree branches, was a patchwork collage of intense blue. I will never forget the magic of that afternoon and the wisdom of a two year old child leading me to ground myself upon the earth.

My grandchildren are part of my Heart Song. I love being "Nana", as they refer to me. I have been privileged to be present at all of their births and to assist in joyfully welcoming them to their life on this planet. Part of my appreciation of them is that they reflect to me a time when I was more innocent, when I was a young mother and fervently believed that I would be married to my husband my entire life. The advent of their presence in my life reaffirmed to me a deeper awareness of love and the possibility of it.

Like most children, my grandchildren believe in all things magical. They delight in the wonder of fireflies blinking through the sky on a warm summers night. They are mesmerized by the delicate beauty of rainbow hued soap bubbles that float gently from bubble wands, like opalescent pearls. They find wonder in nature. They appreciate the simple pleasures of a good book, a funny movie, laughing, creating art with crayons and paper, hugs and the loving presence of their families and good friends.

Have you forgotten the innocence of the child within you or do you embrace it with warmth and joy? Do you still believe in magic? Have you forgotten how to embrace life and find beauty and wonder in every moment? Set you intent, chart your course and wish upon a star, magic does happen...but you have to believe.


Melissa said...

You've touched my heart with this post. Thank you...

Stacy Wills said...

what an absolutely magical work of art! btw, i'm a nana, too...two granddaughters and another on the way.

Tessa said...

A beautiful, heartwarming and eloquent tribute to your grandchildren. Thank you for sharing.

Diva said...

Dear Kate, you have touched my heart with this poignant piece. I'm struggling with my belief and hope that i can see the magic again.