Friday, September 5, 2008

The Brilliance of Change

Both Horse & Whales, the subject matter in my previous post, have been going through evolutions for millions of years. The earliest species of horse, "eohippus", lived about 52 million years ago in the Eocene period. Ancestral species of Equus, our present day horses, are thought to have appeared 630,000 to 320,000 years ago. Eohippus went through many changes in appearance and body structure to become Equus. Prehistoric whale species are believed to have had the capability of walking on land. You can read an in-depth history of the evolution of horse and whale at these links:

Above is one of my adaptations of a painted pony that I created as part of a figurative drawing series. In the beginning of the creation of this series, I was using white paper and I was focusing upon a more realistic representation of the model. During the process, I ran out of sheets of white paper and only had colored ones with me. When I put the vividly colored paper on my drawing board, I had the desire to go all out with color and create the drawing in a manner that was somewhat similar to the way that I had painted fabric. When I stepped back from the finished product, I loved the way the colors contrasted and vibrated with each other. Previous figurative drawings, executed many years before this series, had been more precise and traditional: charcoal, conte crayon and pencils on paper. Through the years, my training and experience doing soul healing work, had adapted my vision to allow me to open up to another level of seeing a way to create.

Change is necessary and can be exciting. The art you create... and the life you create... will change as you evolve spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Just as Eohippus adapted to the environment of its ancestral time frame and evolved to its present day characteristics of Equus, creative inspiration and the techniques you use to create them will evolve and become more refined over the years. Being rigid in your perception of the way you should do things may inhibit an incredible work of art from being birthed from your consciousness. Be true to who you are in your expressiveness but stay open to allowing your intuition to guide you to adapt when you are feeling the urge to do so.

You can always revert to your tried and true way of doing things, but you may discover that the insistent whisper suggesting that you change or a series of "mistakes" that happen that force you to change, may be an executions of brilliance that will give more meaning to your life or bring more depth and excitement to your work.

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