Friday, February 5, 2010

Envisioning Spring

"Early Morning Rain"
Digital Mandala by Kate Jobe 2/6/10

The softness of fog slowly drifts across the sky. Raindrops plunk gently upon the ground in a dull, hypnotic rhythm. Scents of damp earth and new grass mingle with the perfume of lilacs and saffron hued daffodils. Robins sing among branches that hang heavy with clusters of velvety damp pink and white apple blossoms. Seedlings reach toward the rain and spread their roots deeper into the soil, preparing for their salutation to the sun. Springtime. Early morning rain. Envision these thoughts clearly in your mind. Inhale their scent. Listen to their sounds. See the radiance of their colors. Amid the chill of winter and what seems like unending snow...remember Spring.

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