Monday, November 2, 2009

Ancestral Memories / Ancestral Love

The topic of Abbey of the Arts Poetry Party was my inspiration for this post. The pastel drawing was created by me a number of years ago and I wrote the poem and posted it with another piece of art last year, but both are reflective of each other. As I looked at the drawing, which I have always loved, I noticed how the grandmother's hand gently sits upon the arch of the handle of the basket that is a cradle for the child. The handle resembles a bridge between the two of them with the grandmother's hand supporting it with loving protection. We never lose connection with our ancestors. We are interwoven with them with strands of love. They stand behind us in united waves of strength, waiting for us to call upon them for guidance and support. Concurrently, when we heal our lives, we heal a part of our lineage, for our ancestors, as well as our descendants. They were born to help us, as we were born to help them. Listen for them. They call to us in unexpected ways: the whisper of the wind; a burst of sunlight; the song of a bird; the buoyant presence of joy or in a moment of profound remembrance of them. They are with us.

The sun smiles

and the moon beams
throughout infinite
cycles of life
shining through the stars
of our bones …
revealing ancestral bridges
paved in love
that applauds us.
holy blessings.
gifts of light.
we are the substance
of our ancestors
and they…
ever after…are us.

Kate Jobe 9/8/2008


Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Hello, Kate! I arrived here through Stacy's fb posting; I'm so glad she posted. I'm part Apache and resonate with what you say about our ancestors. We are all One, part of the fullness of Divine Consciousness. Such beautiful imagery with the arc of the basket's handle, the protective hand of the grandmother above the baby. We are connected to what has come before, what is present and what will come to pass. The essence of our ancestors lives within us. Thank you for your beautiful post. Namaste

Abbey of the Arts said...

a beautiful combination Kate, thanks for sharing your poem at the Party. I especially love the moon imagery, Saturday night was a clear sky and a nearly full moon and a powerful moment for me was bathing in the moon's light which I knew had also bathed my ancestors. Blessings!

Cheryl at Mandala Oasis said...

Kate, What a beautiful painting and poem. I can feel the "preciousness" radiating from the elder. And, synchronicity reigns I've been more aware of the ancestral connection and working with that currently and will continue. What a blessing to have that conscious connection and to feel, and know they're near to help us. Thank you for this precious offering of sacred art and words.
Abundant blessings to you now and always.. love, Cheryl s..."following that thread to wholeness" as call it - is need to help with heart and soul re

Cheryl at Mandala Oasis said...

P.S. Thank you for the beautifully woven description of how our ancestors are always with us, and how when we heal, we (help) heal the whole lineage, including our descendants. To be reminded of that is a blessing.