Monday, March 30, 2009

Ganesha's Labyrinth

"Ganesha's Magic Labyrinth"
Kate Jobe 3/30/09

Illusion builds
the bones that bridge
magic labyrinth.

The dance of
laughter shines through…
revealing golden keys
from shrouds
veiling open

Breathe Trust.
Pray Forgiveness.
Embrace Love.
Inhale Truth.
the flowing stream.
Be Abundance.
The mandala art featured above began as a rambling doodle that evolved into the image of an elephant and as I continued to embellish it, I transformed it into a mandala. The poem came after I meditated while focusing upon the image. I then researched the symbolic meaning of Ganesha, a Hindu deity, here and here (among many other sites), and discovered that Ganesha, while generally depicted as red, is also shown in blue or pink. Ganesha can have a snake draped across him and has a silver or gold crown with a red ruby on his forehead. He is sometimes shown with long flowing locks of hair. Upon reading this information, I was, once more, affirmed of how, when we allow ourselves to be guided by our intuition, we are more in touch with the interconnectedness of all things than we can imagine. Ganesha brings the gifts of wisdom and abundance and is said to both place obstacles before us to keep us on our right path and to also assist us to remove the obstacles from out paths. Many times in my life, I have been frustrated by challenges that I perceived as deterrents from what I wanted to be doing. Sometimes they were in the form of timing; Sometimes jobs or relationships, or lack of one of these, that created the challenge for me. As time passed, I would eventually unveil a greater gift that was woven into the guise of my challenge. These keys to awareness allowed me to see that I had skills I had not realized I possessed, or taught me how to stand stronger for myself, which ultimately led me to pursuits I would previously not have attempted.
When you look back over the challenges in your life that you resisted, what gifts did you eventually find within them? What challenges are facing you now that are waiting to be transformed into greater wisdom, truth or abundance for you?


Sue O'Kieffe said...

i know of ganesha as the remover of obstacles and the granter of auspicious beginnings for new undertakings. he is a happy god. i wear a ganesha medallion around my neck. a friend of mine told me ganesha will also gently put obstacles in your way to help you get clearer about your path.

cheryl said...

Oh..I love it when we follow our Intuitive inklings and we get confirmation in countless ways. This mandala is intricate and precious...and what an affirmation of your connection with All There Is. I love it!
Blessings and hugs..

Mandala Michelle said...

What beautiful work you've done! It's both strong and delicate. And the metallic fits perfectly with my vision of Ganesha. Awesome!