Friday, March 13, 2009

Celebrating the Year of the Woman

2009 is the Year of the Woman and Sunday was the International Day of the Woman. The art featured above, "Sharing the Dance," is a vibrant, but dream-like representation of the joyous power that occurs when women are united, sharing their gifts to accomplish great things, but at the same time, are able to maintain their individuality. In addition, it a symbolic depiction of the maturation phases of a woman's life.

This year, the Omaha YWCA has allowed me to re-introduce the "Sharing the Dance" print, which I originally created for their 100th anniversary, 15 years ago, to sell in a smaller poster size version. I am offering this to you in image size of approximately 8-1/2" x 14", printed on 80# 11" x 17" paper with a satin finish for only $40.00.  Signed posters with a 12" x 18" image, printed on high quality 13" x 19"photo paper with high quality photo inks can be purchased for $75.00. Because the original piece was 3' x 4' in size, this larger sized print does represent the art in a more dynamic format.  To purchase "Sharing the Dance", contact me @ my email address

8" x 10" copies of the segments of the picture ("Beginning the Dance"; "Nurturing the Dance"; "Honoring the Dance" ; "Rejoicing in the Dance") are also available for sale for $30.00 each.

To view all of these pieces and to read the narrative on these works, you can access my blog at this link . Be sure to begin @ the post at the top and read down to see all five entries.

Please pass the link to this blog post along to anyone that you think would want to purchase one of these. They make great gifts: birthday; celebration; new mother; friendship; life passage event; etc.... for all the special women you know...young or old....they would make wonderful gifts.

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Deb said...

Kate, I've been admiring your artwork in the clinic where I get my mammograms for the past couple of years. Where and when will prints of your work be available?