Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Warmth of Gratefulness

Digital Mandala by Kate Jobe

Today...our hearts are woven together...
strengthened by the warmth of gratitude
for family, friends
and the gift of life upon this planet.

Today...our hearts are woven together...
from shared memories,
new stories and laughter. 

Today...our hearts are woven together...
in shared
moments of sacredness...

Today...our hearts are woven together in
an unending sacred hoop of love.

-Kate Jobe  11/25/10-


Anonymous said...

heartfelt warmth. mmmm is this a pumpkin pie mandala? the best kind of warm gratitude!

Kate Jobe said...

LOL...I didn't think about it while I was creating the mandala or even when I posted the art & writing, but you are correct, it could resemble a pumpkin pi: a definite symbol of warm memories,a taste of sweetness and symbolic of many healing properties.

Thanks for your observation....Kate

cheryl said...

It's been a while since I've witnessed your art and blog. It feels to be back...and taking in the Essence of the beauty...that you are, and that you create. Thank you so much for sharing it here. Sweet blessings to you for a marvelous 2011, and beyond.