Sunday, March 7, 2010

Coyote Wisdom

"Coyote Shaman"
Digital Mandala by Kate Jobe 3/1/2010

Coyote Shaman's drum beat howls of the duality of life...revealing paradoxical truths...revealing crossroads that require infinitely important decisions. Appropriate may be inappropriate. Inappropriate may be appropriate. Wisdom may be folly. What seems like folly may be profound wisdom. Coyote Shaman's song of trickery is a reminder to pay attention to what has heart and meaning. Coyote Shaman's drum sings with laughter. Life, after all, is to be enjoyed and not endured.


Doe Grozs Art said...

mmm. this is kind of interesting. I just painted at this clients house and there was a coyote in the back. The housekeeper said there were 6 of them.
and things have been kind of "screwy" lately.
your mandala is beautiful...mystical.

Cactus Jean said...

I, of course, LOVE this! Thank you, Kate, for focusing my attention in this direction. So appropriate!!

Eileen said...

This is really beautiful, Kate. I agree with Doreen - mystical.

Kate Jobe said...

Thank you to all of you. Your appreciation makes me happy