Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Body Electric

During 2008 I have been busy creating new projects that I had hoped would require less time to complete. Despite any delays I encountered, I am aware that all the time they have required is exactly the time they needed to be created. All things occur in the time they are supposed to occur and all things are related to timing. The perfect time for something to manifest in our lives can sometimes be different than any pre-determined sequence we have calculated for its arrival. When our time lines edge past us or appear to be far in the future and beyond our reach, we are sometimes being called to adapt and look for the gifts presented to us by this unexpected change in our plans. In other instances, when it seems that we are consistently so out of synchrony with our timing that our dreams are always beyond our reach, we are being alerted to make changes in our lives. Releasing energy blocks formed by outdated life scripts that no longer serve us can help jump start our timing. When we release blocked energy, we become better equipped to understand the language of our intuition. Feeling safe in trusting our intuition provides us with a tool that can guide us to make empowering choices and decisions. When we have a clear understanding of what we truly want to manifest in our lives, we can create powerful intents that radiate out from us with the energy of intensified electricity, assisting us to become magnets for attracting success.

How have you gifted yourself this year by re-wiring your body electric? How have you worked co-creatively with the universe to make changes in your life? What stale life scripts have you released during the previous twelve months? In what ways have you learned to listen more deeply to your intuition and how has this supported you this year? What intent/s did you make this year that gifted you in a powerful way?


Stacy Wills said...

so much wisdom in this post, kate...thank you for sharing it!

Doe Grozs Art said...

Wow.. is this post speaking to me!
It is the "clear intentions" that I have been dealing with these last few month, releasing that which I have outgrown, welcoming new possibilites, learning more about the luminous energy field and definitely becoming more intuitive... appreciating my new friends!
Thanks so much for being a part of it!
With Deep Gratitude,

Diva said...

This is the line of thought that I've been persisting with for the last few months and to see it written takes away all the clouds around my brainwaves. Now onward to find my intent......Thanks, Kate, your writing has a very calming effect.